Mike Payne was born in Virginia Western in 1953. At first, he became a Christian and developed through the loved ones of the Gospel music from the South. She appeared and sang songs and sang songs so that you could not stop loving you, and just change the words to reflect a Christian message when she met a composer who completed the efforts. The first force to write songs. He thinks his own songs. , He thought: "Wait a minute, if you can do that, I can also lead to an incredible career as a favorite career of a southern gospel song more popular than the songs. His very popular: "In 1983, our group had to publish an album with the title, I was a fan of Jesus Q. I was looking for a song, a slow step that one. A series of songs want in the project, Loreen, and are in a Shoney restaurant and we have seen Ronny Hinson, with some of his friends and staff, I told him that we have to come to a one to a one to a one. Studio, following the day to record a new album and he needs another song he asked, "How did you work?" I said, "Well, I have an idea on the theme of a song: When I was on the cross, he thought about me" "" "" "when Ronny thought about this prayer, I continued : "What I mean in the song like Jesus in Him is a cross, He saw those standing around Him with his needs, but also looked around in the future and saw and saw I, and think of me and my needs. "Ronny said," Instead of saying: "When I was on the cross, he thought of me:" Why don't you say? "When I was on the cross, I was in his thoughts "" I said, "Oh, my boy, it sounds good!" Ronny said to me jokingly: "I go home and write about it" and I said it was said : "Oh, no," no! "" Ronny and I met in my hotel room that night During the night, we exchanged quiet ideas against texts and gently buzzing the parts of the melody when the morning came. We complete our song. We both show what in our hearts and our minds, in which we wrote the word document, but not the melody, just in our thoughts "" we sing it. Traditional and ask: "What do you think?" She said, "I like it, I really do it!" At the same morning, we went to hill top studies on the suburbs of Nashville and took "when Il Am Cross", then was present at the new album " nny printed the article when it was recorded and immediately. The decision that he had the song of The Boys of Florida "Pitch" "Pitch". He did it in a blatant way: "This is your number one song and will be the song of the year", even though The family album of the Paynes song, and like Jesus -fan reached a higher level, like the predictions that Ronny made to the children of Florida, it became a reality, it became number one of the number one of The lists and that were the songs of 1985 and 1986, Payne said: "It was the first time, for the first time, that I wrote a song, and it was a unique experience," he said later: "Writing with Ronny is really a dream. , Bish Bishh Bish reported, he wrote 280 more songs, with about 80% of them recorded S or published. He will be the first to give him all the glory and praise for his kindness by allowing him to understand the life of millions of people through his music (verse two), The vision of love is in the head of Faethorn. That day he looked at the future for people on the cross at the time he was in Crossi. But God congratulates His love for us, when we are still sinners, Christ dies for us