Calculate the current to create a magnetic field. Use rules 2 to determine the direction of the current or the magnetic field direction how a large part of the electricity is required to create a significant magnetic field, can be as strong as the magnetic field on the ground? The terrain will tell you that airlines create magnetic fields that interrupt their compass reading when Oersted 1820 is discovered to affect the shape of the magnetic field created. We have seen that a flower lock has created a magnetic field similar to a magnet, but there is a right strand or a cow (dona)? What is the direction of a field to create an electric current connected to the direction of the current? The answers to these questions are tested in this section, as well as a brief discussion about the law in areas created by product lines Champsagnetics. Compass, as shown for a long shipping cable in Figure 1, can determine the size of the field.
The field around a long stream is in rounded rolls, rule 2 (RHR -2) arising from this exploration and applies to each current segment and showing the thumb towards the current and the current. The fingers are displayed in I IT 1 (A) Belesshes creates the magnetic fields rolled together, placed near a long hand, transport cable indicates that the fields form circle, is Focus on cable (b) Rule 2 of the right hand. The fingers are in the direction of the school. This rule corresponds to the school that is assigned to the right stream and applies to each stream of resistance of the magnetic field (size) created by a long wire of the right flow made by experience with experience Baby = \ cheat {\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ MU} _ {0} i i} {2 \ Pi R} \ LEFT (\ Text {Long Thread} \ Right) \\, In which I am the current, R is the shortest distance of the cable and constant {\ mu} UL later we will see and not in a position along the brewery about 50 × 10-5 t is 10 × 10-4 T known by 0 A I started the answer that happened only from a sigh, because the ground on the ground received only two figures from this example . A magnetic field is necessary as a long strand on the right. The link and electric fields generally one of the equations of Maxwell is the equation that provides a full theory of all consideration of electromagnetic phenomena in the way. Supplying physics, techniques or similar activities, we will also take into account the common characteristics, such as RHR-2 and rules for the magnetic fields listed in the magnetic field and the lines. The school, one of the motivations of Einstein is to solve difficulties, because observers are magnetic and and see lektrafelder from the current shipping cable is shown in the picture of both addresses and sizes. of the current pro -shipping round magnetic field is a RHR -2 complex that will be used in the direction of the field near the loop for results, but the map with compass and rules in the fields in the magnetic field and the field and The magnetic field of the lines is necessary to get more details that has a simple formula for the power of the magnetic field in the middle of the circle {in the middle of the loop}} \ right) \\, where R is sale The glass of the loop, this equation is a right stream in the same field in the average loop and the larger field of NOOC; Then field b = nμ0i / (2r) is Figure 2 (A) RHR-2 gives the direction of the magnetic field inside and outside an existing shipping ring (b) A more detailed card with a compass or with a complete image room. It is a long coil (with many towers or curls in contrast to a flat ring). Due to its shape, the field can be very homogeneous inside the magnet and also very strong, the field directly outside the coils shows almost zero, the 3 ways of seeing the school and its direction are given by RHR-2 Figure 3 (a) This cut shows that the magnetic field is created by electricity in Magne . The magnetic field in a source magnet is only very similar to the extremes and prolonged. It starts in a way and modifies the direction that the school has the same complexity as the rods and magnets, but the resistance of the magnetic field in a magnet is simple {in the magnet} \ \ \ \ \ , where the number of loops per's length of the length of the depth is (n = n / l, n is the number of rounds and length) indicating that the resistance of the field is everywhere in the unified area of the interior and not only between large uniform schools lasting on a large amount of magnetism, because for example 2 implies schools in one from 200 m to 2000 and using 1600 thread to find the inner resistance field A magnet. We use b = {\ m u} _ {0} ni \\ First, we see that the number of loops according to the length of ISIT = \ fraud {n} = \ fraud {2000} {200 \ text {m} Reta 0} ni = \ left (4 \ pi \ Time 10 ^ {- 7} \ text {t} \ cdot \ text {m / a} \ right) \ left (1000 \ t ext {m m. - 1} \ right) \ left (1600 \ text {a} \ right) \\ & = & 201 \ text {t} \ end {array} \\ This is a great strength of the magnetic field Calculate - Dimensions that can be determined in using magnetic resonance medical images (MRI), very large current is a sign that these fields are not easy to achieve. Higher current can be obtained by using metaphysical cable, although this is very expensive, has a higher limit than electricity, because the state is transformed by very large magnetic fields to limit particles. Reaction in tokamacies. It is very urgent as a folding magnet. In a circle, the field is very strong in a toroda, but the round particles move in a circle in the fields and collide with other particles, which can cause consolidation, but the particles do not cross the sugars. The field and escape can be used a series of complete coils to create all kinds of magnetic fields, create greater magnetic and field iron materials and significantly affect the field in which the material. iron magnetic tends to catch magnetic fields (field lines are tilted from iron materials, leaving the outside schools) and is used as shields for equipment affected by magnetic field, including magnetic field, including magnetic field, including magnetic field of Earth Electricity with the lid. Discover physics behind the phenomena by exploring magnets and how you can use it to create lightbirb click to download the simulation with Java Seconnaire and remove the shortest cable and constant {\ mu} _ _} is = 4 \ pi \ Time 10 ^ {- 7} \ text {t} \ cdot \ text {m / a} \\ is the permeability of the free storage address of the magnetic field, created By a long stream that has been made by the rule given by hand 2 (RHR-2): Display the thumb of the right hand in the direction of the current of each line is the sum. The school is due to the segments throughout the segments along the segments (size and direction as a right thread), providing the common relationship between electricity and the field called Ampère law, the power of the magnetic field In the middle of Cir El Loop Coula is , where R is the radius of the loop. This equation is b = 0ni / (2R) for the flat NCLS RHR-2 rolls for the field around the around a long roll to be magnetic. The magnetic field refers to the resistance in a magnet in which the number of rounds is on a magnet length. The inner field is very similar in terms of amplitude and drawings in the direction of 1 and using RHR-2 to find the direction of the magnetic field of the loop in the engine (as shown in Figure 1 of the torque in the circuit)