For our first song, I chose my first song in the first album. We can discuss the song we will choose for next week. My suggestion is that we go through the album, but everything is fine! If you also want to put the dagger on the sheet of the paper, you also want to make Lökenyou's blood, you also want the blood of the sword to bite and kiss naive to kiss you. Believe. Kill Warre Shhereyou believes that it will be difficult to kill them, where people come to herboso died, where all the deaths of Ramsteinramstein, that you are in Flamewolt, a -es -wearlow battle that the bed is clear in the bed The fire is you, I want to see if you are in the flash, if you are a bed in the flash, I want to see that the bed in Flashshollt is when you are in bed in Flash. If you are a flash, you want to see how you want to see how it shows when you want the bed in the flash, you want to see. On the skin and Haren below, you want to kill on the skin and your hairs want to put the dagger on the leaf like Wellihr, the pier also wants to put the blood of the weight of Löckenyou. At first glance, the text seems very simple. The song seems to affect sex, but that's it? An explanation that I read is that the song will come true through dreams. The bed where most people dream of, destroy dreams and effectively. For me, this song presents one of my favorite words in all your songs: "Sex is a war, love is war." It will also note that "your" turn into the plural form of "you". Tell him!