This song is a soul or a walk traditionally for the last day of a trip, whereby the entire crew landed the ship. The song will not sing ... Read more to format the text: Enter all documents, even if it is a chorus repeated throughout the song of the song, the parts breaking the the song. Mark the text and then click the fat link and italic print to distinguish different singers in the same sentence.
"Question 1: Kanye West, Jay-Z, two" capitalized each line and notes for some words of the song. Use the menu to go to the reference processing mode. Johnny, she left. "Tomorrow you will get a hero holiday for salary, rude wind and the sea is running" leave it, Johnny, let it! "She sent him to Green and no one spent it and it was time for us to leave Herleave, Johnny! Oh, leaving, Johnny, leaving! Because the trip was long and the wind did not blow, it was time to leave From Heri when we make this lazy bath. It is time for us to leave Herwe when we have more to have more. Oh,? Singing in naval ships and not singing in private ships or pirates, because the documents often rewrite to get on the captain, the main district and the main district and other tall members to make the crew happy happily. The lack of respect for senior officers and GE crew will end in the navy. Traditionally with female pronouns Western and English cultures. "Johnny" in the title "Johnny" is just a common name of the style "John Doe" for men who are often used in songs at sea. And the idea of ​​favorite songs and artists. 1