Published by bylauraapril on September 25, 2006, 20069 commented on I wanted to do a lot on the worst 13331wow road in the worst way. I was lucky enough (?) Enough to accompany the high level of the central village, my Biemo (my brother in Emo), with the emotional program tonight in Irving Plaza. . We just arrived on time "TBS!" Life! Life! "He sang that almost all people in this place seemed to ask a few moments before the group ended.
When they came to the stage, I never spilled the first song. Dong Anh began to balance the way and beside him with such a liquid motion and energetic when I swear that I started to mark. Say at least 3 to 5 children per minute on the show. , the pockets of the Slam dance on the ground floor formed well. People start to get their clothes and throw the air towards SC. During the program's process, the people on the balcony began to throw beer at the drum stele. To the bottom, and from under the empty water bottles, they were made from PL. When using his voice, even he simply talked to the public. I smiled when I thought about what I should have to have With this guy in the library. The Baks will not have anything of them, I'm sure I don't know which songs they have sung (except for these previous songs, I know 20 seconds that have led after I Maman's episodes) because the crowd I call the songs above, so I really can't listen to the group, but at the end of the night, my voice is husky when "TBS!" "" And "I look Ouuuu!" In the program group. Oh, by the way, TBS fans have the worst feeling about the rhythm. Every time I clicked on the number of crowds at the audience, I always got out of the drum. Yes, there is a picture that I took in the program. It is not bad for a small Shit camera. It is funny! I love his friend, who looks like television and is completely bored with his posture. I also like the way he thinks that the text is "we use herbs" instead of "we sleep". And that almost became gay pornography in the line of "the complex of the guest god, equipped with it. Hahaha.