The title of this story is the first line of the song "I think", inspired me to write about my love for music. I believe in the power of a song, whether the song will sing, play or simply sit on a piece of paper, nothing can compare what a song can do with the people I have. Thinking about my grandfather could be stories about the quartet. He told him who will come to Vietnam to entertain the military to get the power of a song when these great country defenders are not life in life, music will always Is something to get an unhappiness. I also thought about my life when the music touched my heart seriously. I had a funeral for a family friend, a very good song that we always brought an unexpected emotion, my father was the bass singer of the Francentasalon quartet in the quart. 9 years old, but every time I see for a while I see for a while I see a video of time to sing this song, or I heard a recording of this, I was steamed, never had an eye. The house is dry when the effect is that a song may have for the human soul that is copied, especially the form of entertainment cannot cause emotions in a short time that I can go out. With my grandfather made me cry? I don't know and, to be honest, it doesn't matter what the cause is, but it has made me nothing else, it's one of my favorite "Amadeus" movies in this Wolfgang movie, Amadeus Mozart "Amadeus" said from the enemy unified Antonio Salieri Salieri is nothing more than his best music composer since he was very earlier than Mozart, he tried to do something to destroy. Mozart at the scene. Salieri, although the pages are full of notes, begins to bring life to the degrees as if the skin paper is a synthesis and seems to be in a website state, to surrender to Mozart, She asked in her simple tone: "Isn't it good?" His answer was "wonderful" when he told the story of his life, Salieri explained many times that every time he listened to Mozart's music, the voice of the Lord with the hatred of Salieri for the joint match. Mozart's link when he admired when he learned the torture of his life, Salieri was very touched to help Mozart.