Have you ever wondered why so many words in English are the same? This is a common problem for students speaking in English. The truth is that the sound in English can be done with combinations of different letters. Look at the list of examples of words similar to you? What is different? Pan / Bredbreak / Brake / Seach dictionary for the same pronunciation, but the difference is homonym. Tomorrow, a type of coffee "broke", but we beat "brake" to slow down the car, "the sea" is the Latin -based country: Homo means "the same" and the phone means "Voice ". If there are thousands of homophones, they do not have to learn everything, some words are not used much in modern English and other words that are so accurate that they are only used in certain industries, Homophones Importance to English. , write and listen! So what should you know about homonyms? 1 The use of homonyms means writing badly, which they have noticed how people quickly evaluate the argument of a person criticizing language errors. This is done, which is a condition where the use of grammar and language is equally superior in intelligence. Of course, it is not true, grammar is a kind of knowledge that helps people use the language correctly, but this is not the end of wisdom in professional parameters in every school. In case, people expect to use # bellscheckcanotsaveyouooupenom / TLK0WVUP0 - Editor - Grammar Madame ( Madamgrammar) on September 13, 2020, MeVshocom, we are very important, but important, but we understand and understand and Understand and understand and understand and understand and understand and understand the most useful goals than our courses on similar surveys that you can understand in the context of a path to learn. Homophone, you know the meaning that you cannot use the Cambridge dictionary to know the exact definition 2. You have many homonyms at sea, you can imagine a simple prayer how you can See the sea? The problem often means that he knows how to use contractions or words of two of the best crimes in Homophone's world: she / her and there, him, him, him, he , me, me, us, he, his words and these are the links of a pronoun and verb "become" Rossgellar GIFS 's GIS Friend ? Is your car, where is my family? Your family is in Home133 if you want to challenge, try this hearing practice. Five prayers use some homophone existing in their duties in many people who think about words, native speakers rarely a group of sounds can have a different spelling, creating a single configuration. Simple for a simple joke to use very simple jokes. How can English (indigenous or not) different spelling can affect the meaning of this word? There are some simple jokes to identify the corresponding homophone? 4 Some homophone comes from the regional phrases, the highlights to enhance the appearance of Homophones by region, because Homophones exist mostly in the pronunciation of vowels (A, E, I, O, U and combination), pronunciation of vowel vents, homophones can create a surprise, for example, the pronunciation of the United States of words such as collection / do / for / for the opening is homophone , does not apply to his pronunciation if they suspect pronunciation. The easiest way to verify a dictionary like Cambriderg this allows you to speak your native language, but in general, the sound of a sweet vowel makes confusion, think about the difference in these words: ban ban , Ben, I, do you wonder? Can you say these words exactly because of the noise of vowel sound? ? If you are not sure, you might want to create any job with minimum pairs of practice set up to create new prayers of homosexuals called "Hribus" in a classic conversation. Figure. Most people don't confuse "I don't see the sea" I don't see the sea. "" Because "I am the sea" or "I see, I see it." This example of a very clear prayer about the meaning of each word is a more common problem if the pronunciation of a group of words is not created by ooca, groups of words like another word group. , there are countless possibilities that the combination of infinite words analyzes the following examples: Communication with Oronymous to avoid? The best solution is to ask people to repeat. You might wonder: "Can you repeat this?" Or "What do you mean with ...?", So you can hear the difference between the two words