One of the most powerful virus ads of this fall does not sell products. Instead, sell an idea. It shows the power of brand expansion with smart communication and strategy. It comes from a mobile phone company in Thailand called Truemove-H. The three -minute movie lasts about 30 stories begins with an action of sympathy and friendship and ends with an unexpected gratitude. The film does not contain any position of the product, without clear sales arguments, only strong ideas about returning life. TrueMove-H message: "Giving it is the best communication." The evidence of the power of the notice is that it simply exceeds the opinion of 9 million on YouTube in a week.
"data-cedium-file =" "data-lrge-file =" https: // meevsho. "Class =" size-mediium wp-iimage-1387 "src =" https: // mevshaho .com.files. WordPress .com / 2013/09 / TrueMove-H-Screen-GRA.JPG? W = 300 & h = 162 "ALT =" "Give by Thailand" s truemove h phone service "width =" 300 "Height =" 162 "srcset =" https: // / 2013/09/ trosove-h-screen-grab.jpg? W = 298 and H = 162 298W, w = 597 & h = 324 597W, Gub.jpg? W = 150 and H = 81 150W "tames =" (max-lager: 300px) a brand licenseor in a super-susceptible category than you. In this case, the goal of Trueemove-H for everyone is to give it more often. It is important that an emotional positive connection is very important to the brand, a connection per capita of Thailand consumers looking for a new phone service. = 300 "Data-Great-File =" https: // meevsho. Com. "class =" average size wp-silage-1385 "src =" https: // 09/09/ TrueMove-H-Graph.Png? W = 300 and H = 225 "Alt =" Figure 1 - Use the theory of evaluation Trueemove -H "s" giver "advertising". Width = "300" height = "225" srcset = " 300w, https: ///// / Heart. In a recently published article, I wrote how the Intel computer chip manufacturer uses evaluation theory to tie forced People make emotions to allow young women around the world. As with Trumove- H, a campaign without. or a sales debate. There are three examples of Omunications campaigns together Minh strategy Q encourages the audience to create a strong emotional reaction to the brand goals.