How to format documents: Enter all documents, even when it is the chorus repeated throughout the button in the title of the song. Mark the text and then click the fat link and italic print to distinguish different singers in the same sentence. "Question 1: Kanye West, Jay-Z, two" each capital flower line a caption for different words of the song. Using the menu to enter the reference mode of hylemeMeMe Onwoahi, I cannot think that it is very difficult to breathe, my dream, I am like every second, oh, please take me to me, I am still a adhesive substance of Datte data, but I will not leave, who, your lips are a bomb pump and I'm a Gonticktock and Coeur Vabom, Boom, OH-OHCLure in your channels, but I can't complain, what should I do? You can hear you say that you want me to love me, also through Me > There is a star in the sky I want every night and he has loved since I love you, Oh-Ohplay my heart is like a one Thong is like music for my certification in the nude bite trailer, nothing I can do, OH, OH, OH-Oh electricity, I am not hypnotized. Do not disturb what you get on Melett from you and how you go crazy with everything you are doing, everything you want to say about you, I can hear you tell me that you love me, yahnah -nah - Nah, near Nah, near Nahnah-Nah-Nah, nearly closed, near-nahnah-grid, near-Nah-Cerrado, Nahnah-Nahnahwhwhowhoa, Oh, OH, AI, OH, near-Clar, near, nearby, nearby , nearby, nearby, nearby, nearby from Nah-Nahnah-Nah, closed, closed, closed, closed, closed -Nahnah-Cierre, close, close to the foreground, OH, AI, OH I , I can't go to MB, I have a fire to bring you and everything about me (yes), let us talk about you (talk about you) and how you go crazy (everything you do), What you do, I have everything you have me, I want to talk about you (I want to talk about Ti), let me hear you tell you that you want me to do it too much in Menah-Close Close, Clos, Clos, Clos, close, close -Clare-Nahnah-Grid, Close, Close. Close. Nah, gần nah-nah, nahnah-nah-nahwoa, oh, oh, ai, ohenough trong menah-nah-nah, nahnah-nah, nahnah-nahnah-nah-nah, gần, nahnah-nah, nahnah -Nah-nah , nahnah-nah, nahnah-nahwhoa, oh, oh, who, oh, ohh, act, close, close Nahnah-nahnahnah-nah, near Nah-Nah, Nahnah-Nahnah-Nah-Nah-Nah, Nahnah-Nah-nhah-nah-nah-nah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah- -NahWhoa, OH, OH, Whohoa, OH, O