You can know what the six branches of the army do, but what does it represent? A military currency is not only a simple saying: it is a symbol of history and inheritance to the obligations of this country, this is different and the most important values ​​of the army. Teams, bodies of the sea, the sea, showing the air force, the coastal protection forces and the space after that, what are six military currencies? Here is the ventilation of all: US military: "What we will protect" as the oldest branch of the US military, the motto of the US military is soaked in history. Long -term service for this country. "What we will protect, we will protect" for the first time by Warbüro of the continental army in the American Revolution in 1778 The motto of the army "Cheat" Serpent Today is in the official flag of the official flag of The US military and the symbol of the military symbol in these images "what we protect" in a role of creating a bell snake, a symbol used in many pieces of colonies. The United States in the fight for independence, which means that the continuous will of the army in the army in the last 200 years to protect and preserve countries' ease countries in the United States: "Semper Fidelis", always loyal to the motto of the US Navy "Semper Fidelis", but is the legend, "Semper Fi" (like a scream, it is welcomed or used as a greeting. ) It is not only a currency for the husband, it is a lifestyle but praying for "always loyal" is Latin and commitment to p is always the body of the bulb. A Marines for his naval colleagues and the US Marines with the 15th Marines explorer in the parade before a brief combination of Pandleton camp. , The slogan of the Navy "Semper Fidelis" has become the legend since the motto of the motto in 1883, this link is not only lower than its service it must be against this country, and even even There are disagreements about how a cooling currency is determined by the US Navy Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, this unofficial motto evokes the victim's spirit so much that many sailors and members of Our Siders force. The USS George Washington aircraft carriers are ready, although they can manage the rails, although there is no official motto of the US Navy, some sources say that it is "unofficial". Let zweig -Some of the title of the unofficial song of the US Navy "Anchors Awish" is its motto that this is not other sources; Since the Navy was established in 18 in the United States. The motto of the Air Force "Aim High ... Flight fighting" is a call for conspiracy and a promise, the air force always increases the new height (no shot) and hopes that its aircraft will perform. Along us US Air Force F-35 Lightning Iis Bay in the formation, a clear representative of the branch currency, "AIM HIGH ... used to force the cabinet heads of the armed forces, General Norton Schwartz and other leaders of the Air Force, they want a motto that will be included and the culture of the diversity of the Air Force means a l-to "can ... fly with Flyers ", exactly that and honors the US Air Force's heritage and is currently providing Aviators something trying to fight for the US Coast Guard:" Semper Paratus "- always ready for a part of the army. As a 365 -day call to protect the US sailors and residents, the "semperus" money, meaning protection, specifically "always ready", it seems especially suitable for Many stories about doing th Anyway, the Coast Guard received their motto: Some people said that thanks to Captain Francis Saltus van Boskertk, who wrote words for the song "Semper Paratus" for US revenue cutting service is the precursor to the predecessor. of the Coast Guard, on the Usrc. Yamacraw of the Coast Guard, "Semper Paratus", the branch's continuous preparation to maintain and protect the United States. The coastline of Texas and some people say that the origin is always a mystery, but it is the feeling behind the expression of chewing water is how important how the American cosmic force: "Sempra Supra", always the person The youngest, the six branches of the US military that the United States of the United States recently revealed its new motto, showing its origin in the weapon of the United States. Branches in the "Sempra Supra" space in the United States Army weapon. And the future of the branch is Latin "always above"; The word "always" is chosen because the space is endless and depth, searching and asking what is outside the space, as well as the value of the excellence of the space power of currency of power The American space "Semp Supra" is worthy "always on" Latin: Protect the branch of American satellites and international space.