You have to love it more than you are not afraid of not appearing. In 2013 I learned a lot about me. But, above all, I learned what I really wanted from this life. And while I was sitting here to write the key at 3 am, it was clear that in 2014, something other than "did" have to devote myself to what I learned last year.
It must be reserved for my own extraordinary version that I can. Every day we have the opportunity to develop, change and sometimes stand up. What seems to be another day is really an opportunity to do something wonderful. It is true that we can start most of the days we have normal, but our plan we have for ourselves can turn something extraordinary if they are done. This requires efforts. Many, many efforts. Everything in the world will urge you to remain the same. Because here we are most of us. We live in the middle. Not in the direction of the courses, etc., but in the sense of what we do with ourselves. When we start to the edge, everything becomes interesting. At the same time, the uncertainty of the future is development at this time. You have to decide if you live well in an uncertain country, but you are familiar with what you do. Believing me, it's hard. Call it the universe, call it God, call it whatever you want to call it, but the reality is still the same. They are here for a number of reasons and talents must be perforated. What happens is that we are too concerned about what others think or believe that what we do will not happen for a reason. Most of the time, great ideas die with the people they live. Everyone brought their dreams to the grave and never saw them because they were so scared. Fear is the main killer of dreams. It may be fear of failure, fear of ideas, fear of mocking ... but still the fear of reducing the chance they have. It would be stupid when I was not afraid. Anyone tells you that you are never afraid to see a doctor. This is what you do after fearing this will be important. The courage to go to play here. The courage is crazy 20 seconds after death, where magic occurs. It is quite good to fear, but as I said, you have to love it more than you are afraid. You must decide that this is what you know and passion, then go. Without this decision, they slipped from side to side forever. Decision. Being guided by everything and people tell you. Make your fuel. Don't let him fall. Let it motivate you to continue. Those who make the biggest difference in this world are those who do not influence the outside world in their souls to believe in their dreams. Protect your dreams with dragons, guards and troll. Do everything to protect yourself and feed this belief. You will be surprised to see how easy digging a voice or idea in your cave and then slowly burning everything inside. Just leave everyone and words continue their infectious beliefs into their goals.