As the owner of an animal, we all know how attractive our dog can give our dog a delicious cold in our dish, especially if you are you Called these puppies, a large part of the food we eat; And hash has certainly falls into this category if they have tried to let their dog eat a brown minced function. I will explain why brown potatoes are not great in a dog's diet, especially in McDonald's brown minute. Are these short feedbacks that the dog has eaten hash? Dogs should not eat brown helicopter potatoes to McDonald's Rirting potatoes are rich in fat, preservatives and salt, minced are also fried in oil, this is a high rent for dogs. There are a number of different reasons why the hash is bad for dogs.
There are ways they cook, ingredients and spices, as well as calories. Take a look at each separate part, starting with the components. The formula for brown hash includes mashed potatoes or then fried with onions, sometimes connected to eggs and oil and salt and spices are not bad, because a small amount of cooked potatoes is cooked. Raw potatoes in large quantities are like that, if you make the hash -brun homemade, do not let potatoes fall into floating potatoes poisonous for some dogs, although it has to eat a large amount to get sick one. The short problem, it is said, is a short problem. I doubt that the potato in minced -bruns causes her dog a stomach if consumed in isolation, onions are very toxic and is a central factor of many brown recipes for Sodium Poison that they will create their country. In Assio. Suppose: "Vegetable oil, fat, butter and bacon are not adequate fat, so your dog can cause more damage to your animals rather than good failures, leading to the lead. To problems like pancreatitis or obesity. " The essential factors are the oil that hash is fried when the dog contains many bad fats throughout the oil. Trans fat and saturated. Carbohydrate ads have enough food and high quality pet shops. Although my dog ​​can eat hashrot, you really don't need it! Due to the ingredients and methods of cooking, I will personally have a McDonald's meal, and then have calories when I know. This is what I have found ... Dogs should only eat 25 calories for each book to weigh 1,750 calories to follow these numbers because they see because they see because they see because they see them because they see them. Because now they want to say when the dogs can have McDonald's hash and emphasize calories dogs, do they have McDonalds? It is not sure that McDonald's atmosphere makes your dog seriously component: The ingredients of McDonald -raash -brun: potatoes, vegetable oils (rape flour, dehydrated potatoes, dextrose are especially bad for bad for Dogs, salt, sodium and some oils think about the last time they have a mcDonald's pirate and how fat it is ... they really want their dogs, eat this? And then have calories, because So McDonald is for his dog's diet. Two different dogs (136 calories). 22% of Bulldog / 8% Labrador Daily Dog Dog Food S Brown of the Frozen Hash? Dogs should not eat minced minced minced. Cold, with lower calories than buying McDonalds, but they will always be rich in salt, fat and conservatives are rich for dogs with 100 g of Chop N cream (Brown (Brown 326 calories): 52% France Bulldog / 19% per day labrador adke100g mccains hash (160 calories): 26% Bulldog / 9% Flail Labrador Labrador Daily Dogs Dogs Intakecan Come Mint? Like any fried food, ch You should not eat u -bahn -mine hash (haveh (hashsubway (hashway) (hashway (hashway) (Hashway) (Hashway Hashsubway -Hashs France Bulldog / 12% Labrador Daily admission shows a little sodium , onions or food poisoning include: Reducing Uiminthargysezures Auminthargysezures of the US -FAZITI, I never recommend that you allow your dog to eat brown helicopter potato, while the unofficial wheel is good. Because you are good because the unofficial cake of your dog has a lot of McDonald potatoes or McDonald's monetary store is forced to have unfavorable effects, even if it takes into account the calories, only a few Brunns of McDonalds Slip have Can account for a large part of Prop Tion in the daily consumption that your dog suggested ... more than 90/10 rule that I want me to like with my own Dogyouuu ... I also seek Many other foods to see how they fit the dog. You can read some of the most common below: Warning: I am not a veterinarian and the Council in this article based on my common and online consciousness, always refer to your veterinary veterinary. friend.