Traditional learning models, sitting and noting for an hour, a long conference, rarely working for ADHD's brain. But how do educators and parents find the best alternative strategies for different students? Adadid editorial standard of medical advice of supplementing to ensure objective accuracy, medical integrity and the clarity of additional content thanks to regular cooperation and inspection are promoted. Discover our editing process. - Mayanrosehi Mayanrose: What a big question! Understanding how your child is best is important to exploit your maximum potential to your students.
And your child's learning style began to know! Each person learns something else. And never have a good tactic or a good answer. Most of us fall into many types of learning styles. The best way to know your classmate better is to step back and observe what to do well and build from there. There are four main learning styles: Studying students absorb information he listen. They remember to read and read new information better, and can learn in a strong area. You benefit from a guide based on discussions and questions. Creating songs or poems is a great learning method for hearing. Students tactile likes to write things or notes in the learning process. They also like to write and draw. They tend to appreciate books, write stories and illustrate what they have learned. Duke students best study. Practical guidance, manipulation, role play or everything helps you set up learning. Touching and exercising is essential for their process and it is important to learn them to learn them. If your student cannot see it, it may not exist. Clear and transparent files, separate signs, even baskets in your room, etc. Give it naturally to keep the memories where there are things. If you do more than two steps ... your child will not. Think about installation and rationalization. Eliminate unnecessary school documents, the chest of the drawers is difficult to open and even hooks and articles! And if you are looking for more information about learning style, communicate with my book problem with young people and manage time: Instructions for using parents that your child succeeds (roses #Guarteed). We will spend a full part! #Kommissions is guaranteed as an Amazon acquisition deal, the addition of a legal purchase committee is directed by additional readers for the furniture we participate in. However, all products related to the Addat store have been selected regardless of our editors and / or our readers introduced by our readers. Price is accurate and factors in the warehouse from the publishing period